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Cacciatorpediniere Classe Dardo

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Ciao Cacciatorpediniere Italiani!!

Dardo class destroyer
Dardo Prima Serie

The Dardo class was ordered as destroyers for the Italian Regia Marina based on the Turbine class. The units were named after weapons. The ships were in service since 1931-1932.

The design was based on the earlier Turbine but longer and beamier. All subsequent classes were based on this Dardo design that set the way to Italian destroyers until after the war. After the beginning of work was decided to built only one trunked funnel joining all intakes, to have better space for antiaircraft fire and ASW weaponry. Also the bow was modified whith an overhang to improve seakeeping.

They were modified continuously in the years, due to the problems in all the vessels with stability and seaworthy (confirmed tragically when Dardo capsized).

They fought in the World War Two and were intensively employed after the beginning of the war because of the continuous need for escorts. Due they never solved the stability problems, there was allways problems to improve weapons deficiences because the increment in topweight and then they operated with reduced dotations of antiarcraft and ASW weapons.

Strale was sunk by submarine in August 1941; Freccia was sunk by air raid on 9 August 1942; Saetta was lost by mine in March 1943 and Dardo was scuttled in April 1945.

Technical data

Displacement: Standard: 1520 t - Full Load: 2200 t
Length: 95.95 m - Width: 9,75 m
Crew: 163 men
Machinery: 2 Parsons geared turbines - HP: 44.000 - 3 Boilers - max speed: 38 knots - Range: 2694 nautical miles at 15 knots
Armament: 4 x 120/50 guns - 2 x 40mm AA guns - 4 x 13.2mm AA MGs - 6 x 21" torpedo tubes - 54 mines

Names of the class ships and hull codes

Dardo DR
Freccia FR
Saetta SA
Strale LP


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