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Cacciatorpediniere Classe Turbine

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Ciao Cacciatorpediniere Italiani!!

Turbine class destroyers

The Turbine class was ordered for the Italian Regia Marina in 1925 and all the ships were launched in 1927-1928. The eight units were named after winds.

They were nearly identical with the earlier Crispi class destroyers being slightly longer vessels with 3m more and had more powerful machinery. They were a best design, well balanced and sucessful units, but after all they were intermediate ships between the last units that had fought in the WWI and the ships launched in the 1930´s.

All the the ships underwent minor changes in armament early in the WWII
The class fought in the World War Two, they were employed in minelaying and convoy operations, but they suffered six losses only in the year 1940; the other two ships survived the rest of the war until foundered after the September 8 Armistice in 1943.

The Aquilone was lost by air attack in September 1940; the Borea was sunk by aircraft on 17 Setember 1940; the Espero sunk by gunfire on 28 June 1940; the Nembo and the Ostro the Euro were lost by aircraft in July 1940; the Zeffiro was lost in July 1940; the Euro was sunk by German aircraft on 1 October 1943 and the Turbine was destroyed by aircraft in September 1944.

Technical data

Displacement: Standard: 1210 t - Full Load: 1780 t
Length: 93.6 m - Width: 9.21 m
Crew: 145 men
Machinery: Parson's geared turbines - HP: 40,000 - Max speed: 36 knots - Range: 3.000km a 20 knots
4 x 120/45 guns - 2 x 40mm AA guns - 4 x 12.7mm AA MGs - 6 x 21" torpedo tubes - 52 mines

Names of the class ships and hull codes



Borea BR
Espero ES
Euro ER
Nembo NB
Ostro OT
Turbine TB TA-14
Zeffiro ZF


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