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Cacciatorpediniere Classe Venti

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Ciao Cacciatorpediniere Italiani!!

Maestrale class destroyer
Classe Venti

The Maestrale class was ordered as destroyers for the Italian Regia Marina as a development and enlargement of the Dardo class. The units were named after the Mediterranean main winds. The ships entered in service in 1934.

The design was a modification of the Dardo design. The Freccia, with too much compromises and redesigns, was still building when it was clear that they had notable problems. Then it was decided to develop a new design to obtain vessels with better strenght, stability and seakeeping. These ships were a notable improvement on the weaknesses of the not sucessful Freccia class. They used deck space very effectively by successfully trunking all boiler uptakes into one substantial funnel casing. Also the120mm guns were carried in two twin mountings saving again both deck space and topweight.

The design of the Maestrale and the following Oriani class may thus be considered to a single, evolutionary chain that includes the Soldati class.

They fought in the World War Two; during the Second World War the class worked on fleet escort and convoy escort missions.

Libeccio was sunk by submarine attack at the end of 1941 in the fighting of convoy Duisburg; Scirocco was lost during a storm after Sirte 2 in April 1942; Maestrale was scuttled in September 1943 and Grecale surrendered in September 1943 and then she operated with the Allied Forces.

Technical data

Displacement: Standard: 1680 t - Full Load: 2235 t
Length: 106.7 m - Width: 10,25 m
Crew: 168 men
Machinery: 2 Parsons geared turbines - HP: 45,000 - 3 Boilers - Max speed: 38 knots - Range: 4000 nautical miles at 12 knots
4 x 120/50 guns 2 x 120/15 Iluminanti 8 x 20/65 AA MGs 6 x 21" torpedo tubes

Names of the class ships and hull codes

Maestrale ML
Grecale GR
Libeccio LI
Scirocco SC


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