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Cacciatorpediniere Classe Folgore

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Ciao Cacciatorpediniere Italiani!!

Folgore class destroyer
Dardo Seconda Serie

The design was a modification of the Dardo design. They had less beam (50cm less) than the Dardo class and also carried different machinery. They had less internal storage space, and this reduced the weapons, the range and equipment that carried the Folgore. The units were laid down one year after the Dardo Prima Serie.

They had heavy problems in stability and seaworthy, worst than in the Dardo. They were modified in the years, due to the problems in all the vessels with stability and seaworthy (confirmed tragically with the capsized of the Dardo).

Due for the not solved stability problem, they all had allways problem to improve weapons deficiences because the increment in topweight and they operated with reduced dotations of antiarcraft and ASW weapons.

They fought in the World War Two and were intensively employed before and after the beginning of World War Two because of the continuous need for escorts.

All the vessels of the class were sunk in action with British ships. Baleno was sunk by gunfire on 17 April 1941; Folgore and Fulmine were destroyed by British gunfire in December 1942 during the battle of the convoy Duisburg; Lampo was lost by air attack in April 1943 near the coast of Tunisia.

Technical data

Displacement: Standard: 1540 t - Full Load: 2100 t
Length: 96.23 m - Width: 9,28 m
Crew: 156 men
Machinery: 2 Parsons geared turbines - HP: 44.000 - 3 Boilers - Max speed: 38 knots - Range: 3600 nautical miles at 12 knots
Armament: 4 x 120mm/L50 guns - 2 x 40mm AA guns - 4 x 13.2mm AA MGs - 6 x 21" torpedo tubes - 54 mines

Names of the class ships and hull codes

Folgore FG
Baleno BO
Fulmine FL
Lampo LP


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