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Cacciatorpediniere Classe Soldati 1

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Ciao Cacciatorpediniere Italiani!!

Soldati 1 class destroyer

The Soldati-class destroyers, named after types of soldier was the ultimate development of a sequence that began with the Dardo class of 1930. These units were an improved version of the successful Maestrale and Poeti classes.

The Soldati class was the most numerous and best designed of Italian destroyers in the period 1937-39. They were successful units, robust, well armed and very stable.

The twelve units of the Soldati Prima Serie class (Camicia Nera, Aviere, Artigliere, Geniere, Carabiniere, Fuciliere, Granatiere, Corazziere, Lanciere, Bersagliere, Alpino, Ascari) entered in service before the end of 1939.

In World War Two this class was used mainly to escort the major units in the fleet service, and this fact reduced the losses during the war respect to other destroyer classes. When they were used on the convoy escort duties later in the war, suffered six losses only in the year 1943.

They received improved antiaircraft and ASW weapons continuously since the first years of the war. Also in the last years of the war two units received Radar and seven units were equiped with ecogoniometers.

Technical data

Displacement: Standard: 1830 t - Full Load: 2860 t
Length: 106.74 m - Width: 10,20 m
Crew: 187 men
Machinery: 2 Belluzzo/Parsons twin-shaft geared turbines - HP: 50.000 - 3 x Yarrow Boilers
Max speed: 39 knots - Range: 4000 nautical miles at ? knots
4 x 120mm/L50 guns - 1 x 120mm/L50 Iluminanti - 10 x 20/65 AA MGs - 6 x 21" torpedo tubes
2 x Lanciabombe laterali
- 52 Mines

Names of the class ships and hull codes

Alpino AL Bersagliere BR Fuciliere FL
Artigliere AR Camicia Nera CN Geniere GN
Ascari AS Carabiniere CB Granatiere
Aviere AV Corazziere CR Lanciere LN


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